Square grey wedding invitation with holographic foil creating a shiny rainbow effect and black letterpress. Lines and dots form a minimalist "border," and the invitation has a custom monogram of the couple's initials at the top. A blue envelope is placed behind the wedding invitation.

Celia and Robby’s invitation, a square format printed on thick gray paper stock, featured holographic foil, a bold design choice! Their names were rendered in playful brush lettering and the type for the information was a clean, understated sans serif.

Close-up photo of a wedding invitation with holographic foil and black letterpress. The image shows the rainbow effect of the holographic foil when the light hits it at an angle. The foilstamped names are rendered in a playful brush lettering font while the information type is a clean sans serif.

When the light hits the holographic foil from different angles, it reflects different colors, creating a rainbow effect.