Spinning Wedding Program | Weddings & Events

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We love to create fun pieces like this spinning wedding program. We printed flat sheets then die-cut the pieces using custom dies. Hand-assembly with eyelets finished the programs. We were sure to take care to let the wheel spin freely. It was a great way to show the guests where each event was happening and what [...]

The Blind Deboss

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Blind deboss and embossing are two different processes where an impression is made in the paper without the use of ink. To put it in the simplest terms, a deboss is pressed in to the paper, and an emboss is raised up from the paper. Embossing is a process that requires a male and a female die [...]

Esch & Hunt Save the Date | Weddings & Events

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Every once in a while we are requested to print on non-traditional material. When asked to print a wood veneer save the date, we were skeptical, but anxious to see the results. Wood veneer does not allow for a deep impression, but the uneven surface does create a neat weathered look, showing off the patterns in [...]